“How would it feel to approach every interview with the confidence to know you could handle even the most stressful situations?�

If even part of you wants to believe this is possible, you've come to the right place.

When I ask my coaching clients to describe their strategies for interviewing, this is what I often hear:

"Well, I'm going to see what the person asks me and I'll do my best to answer the questions. My goal is to do well enough to either get the offer or get called back for additional interviews."

There are at least two serious problems with this approach. First, there is the built-in assumption that the interviewer will be asking questions. But some interviewers don't ask any questions at all because they have other ways to evaluate candidates. The second and more serious problem with this approach is that is it based on hope. The candidates HOPE the interviewers ask questions they can answer, they HOPE they do a good job answering them, and they HOPE they move on in the process. 

Hope is not a strategy.

I know this because the sad truth is that hope was my only strategy when I first started interviewing. This is one of the main reasons it took me 80 interviews over a 12-month period to land the job I wanted most. It's also why the company that finally ended up hiring me rejected me when I first applied.

By the way, it's not an accident that once I learned how to interview, I changed careers 5 times--and each time all it took was one interview. After watching too many people struggle through the same mistakes I made, I decided to write this eBook.

I can't promise your next job will only take one interview, but I know you will be in a much better place if you take the time to really work through the 3-step process I describe in Interviewing 1-2-3.

If someone had offered me the opportunity to read what it took a year and countless rejections to learn, I would have jumped at the chance. Considering the opportunity cost of not having a job, this is an investment that could pay for itself many times over in a relatively short period of time.

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