“Have You Ever Turned An Informational Interview Into A Job Offer
Without Putting The Person On The Spot For a Job?

If this sounds like an intriguing possibility, read on:

One of the most misunderstood�and misused�techniques in the job seeker�s arsenal is the informational interview. Why? Because there is so much misinformation about what an informational interview really is and how it should be conducted.

This is truly something I learned the hard way. I eagerly set up informational interviews, but quickly found myself face-to-face with people who spent our time together explaining why they wouldn't be able to hire me. It was a painful experience for both parties, I assure you.

To help you avoid the missed opportunity and embarrassment that plagued my early search, I created the eBook, �How To Turn Info Interviews Into An Offer (Without Putting The Person On The Spot For A Job)�. In it, I share real-life examples of the mistakes that can be made (including a few embarrassing ones of my own) along with strategies for conducting an informational interview that yields results.

First, I'll describe, in plain English, the key difference between an informational interview and an actual job interview. Then we'll explore the fundamental differences between an informational interview and a networking meeting. These distinctions are important because your understanding can impact the outcome of the meeting and the likelihood that you walk away with an opportunity.

If you bring up the subject of informational interviews with a group of almost any size, you are likely to hear some self-proclaimed �expert� talk passionately about why this technique doesn�t work. What these people don�t realize is that they are almost always sabotaging the process without ever realizing it. This eBook will show you how. You will also learn:


Questioning Strategies

  • One question you should NEVER ask in an informational interview�or any interview for that matter�that countless books on job hunting actually recommend specifically.

  • 3 types of questions often recommended by networking �experts� that could easily undermine your chances of a successful outcome.

  • 5 questions you SHOULD ask to help you assess if a particular position is a good fit.

  • 9 questions you can ask in almost any informational interview that will help you come across as thoughtful and intelligent.

  • A specific category of questions to avoid except in unusual circumstances.


Myths and Surprising Facts

  • Why interviews will spend more time reading your r�sum� in an informational interview.

  • Why the odds are stacked heavily against online job seekers�and how you can use informational interviews to improve these odds significantly.

  • How one �experienced� networker unwittingly showed his true colors and destroyed his chances with potential contacts in less than 30 seconds (and how you can avoid this common mistake).

  • A strategy frequently recommended by �experts� to build your network that will actually have the opposite effect.  


Word-For-Word Strategies To Avoid Being Tongue-tied

  • A simple, direct quote you can use to help you lay the foundation for a lasting business relationship.

  • A word-for-word voicemail message you easily tailor to your own situation that will increase the likelihood of a return phone call.


Ways To Identify And Overcome Limiting Beliefs

  •  A systematic, 6-question approach to understand and overcome the limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging your efforts.

  • A 4-step process designed specifically to help you overcome the fear of contacting complete strangers.

  • A quick and easy way to stop viewing yourself as a potential pest and start recognizing the many unexpected opportunities there are to find people who will be GRATEFUL to receive your call�even if you are a complete stranger to them. (And it�s not about memorizing mantras or mindless affirmations either.)


Other Helpful Insights

  •  What the experience of buying high-ticket items like cars and houses can teach you about effective informational interviews.

  • Why employers would WELCOME informational interviews if candidates conducted them more effectively and strategically.

  • How you can use informational interviews to get valuable feedback about what is and isn�t working about the way you are marketing yourself.

  • Where to seek informational interviews if you are not comfortable contacting a complete stranger.

  • Why networking groups�especially those organized specifically for job hunters�may not be the best places to meet people.

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