“Do You Want To Be The Envy Of Your Boss And Co-Workers Who Will Wonder Why Headhunters Call You First?”

When people realize I spent several years in retained executive search, the floodgates open and they start asking every question they can think of about headhunters. For many people who haven’t developed relationships with headhunters, this area seems shrouded in mystery. For those who once had relationships, but are no longer in contact with headhunters, there is often confusion about what happened, why the headhunter stopped calling, and what they can do to make themselves more attractive to headhunters.

 Having seen candidate after candidate miss opportunities to build these relationships, I decided to put together an eBook called “Becoming The Envy of Your Boss and Co-Workers (Who Will Wonder Why Headhunters Call You First)” to explain more clearly how the search industry works and what you can do to increase your chances of getting presented by the best firms.

In this insider’s view of the world of executive search, you will learn:

Industry Insights

  • My favorite, secret strategy for finding headhunters that may also attract the interest of a potential employer.

  • A scenario to help you understand what internal recruiters experience on a daily basis and how you can use this to gain their attention and assistance in an unexpected way.

  • The real differences between retained recruiters and contingency recruiters and how that impacts you.

  • Why the way headhunters are paid can impact the nature of your relationship with that person or firm.

  • Why you should avoid recruiting firms that claim to work for you.

  • Why retained firms, in general, are more likely to invest in the relationship with you once you have captured their attention.

Initiating and Maintaining the Relationship

  • 3 elements to include in your materials.

  • 5 elements to include in your query letter. The 5th point is one that fewer than 1% of all candidates include yet could have a significant impact on whether (and how often) the firm represents you.

  • Follow up strategies that will get you noticed for the right reasons.

  • An actual example of a mistake that could get you blacklisted by the search firm and fired by an employer.

 Headhunter Strategy

  • Why it can be dangerous to go around a headhunter.

  • When it may be necessary to go around a headhunter.

  • Why it is critical—and to your advantage—to share salary information.

  • How to position your salary if you are going for a position significantly higher or lower than your current or recent position.

Other Helpful Tips

  • One key bit of information you need that headhunters are better able to provide than almost anyone else.

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