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Worried That Your Position Might Be Eliminated?

Reduction in Force, layoff downsizing

A process designed to help people:

  • Protect their current jobs

  • Get started on the right foot in a new position

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Thinking About Changing To A Completely Different Career?

Career changers have a unique challenge because they have to sell themselves on potential rather than experience. It also requires a different strategy because resumes--the way people traditional approach them--will be of little or no use.

One of  my passions is helping people change careers. I've done it myself several times and have had great success helping others do the same.

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"The process Rob took me through to develop my resume was nothing short of life-changing. I was able to look at my accomplishments and experience in a completely new way. This process allowed me to not only come up with a unique resume that tells a much better story than my old one, but it also prepared me effectively to talk about myself and my experiences in a compelling and powerful way.

By utilizing Rob's methods and coaching, I have had two informational interviews that resulted in the individuals approaching their organizations to create a role for me even when they were not actively hiring. One interviewer even asked if he could use some of the elements in my resume  in his own! I consider working with Rob one of the best investments I have put into my career."

--Tracy Nicholas, Chicago



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Inside you'll learn....


e      2 warning signs you aren't providing enough EVIDENCE of your abilities. Together, these fatal mistakes impact close to 90% of all job seekers who effectively sign their own rejection letters without ever realizing it.

e      5 questions to uncover the gold in your background and leave employers thinking, "Wow. If this person can do this for their past employers, just think what they can do for us."

 e      The 2 most important questions to ask yourself if you havenet identified your passion. (The answers to these questions will also help you identify limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.)

e      A formula for quantifying your accomplishments that will make employers WANT to interview you as soon as they possibly can.

e      How to get employers interested in you--even when you think you don't have any meaningful or relevant accomplishments. ( To help you with this, I've included 3 actual examples of people who felt defeated because they didn't have any great accomplishments yet emerged with strong, memorable evidence that helped them get jobs.)

e      A way of thinking about your past that can provide direction for the future while  systematically eliminating the competition and improving your chances of getting the job you want most. 

e      2 steps you can take to speak more comfortably and confidently about your interests and abilities so employers clearly understand why a particular job is a good fit and makes sense as the Next Logical Step in your professional development.

e      A way to CREATE opportunities or positions at companies where there were none.

e      A formula for quantifying your accomplishments and providing the evidence that will get employers excited about you and make them WANT to interview you as soon as they possible can.

e      7 things people almost never include on their resume even though it would make them far more memorable and compelling. (By communicating this important information, companies will be at least 10 times more likely to bring you in for an interview)

e      Inside tips about the 6 different categories that will help you organize your experience and quantify your accomplishments in a way most people never consider. 

e      4 questions to help you describe the value you provided to your previous employers.

e      7 questions you MUST answer before you pursue a job offer. If you don't know the answers to these questions, you may actually be encouraging an employer NOT to hire you.

e      A real life example of someone who was hired BECAUSE of his outside interests.

e      How to overcoming the childhood and societal programming that may be getting in the way of your ability to sell yourself.


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